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In The Heart Of The Night!


We live in a very competitive world……….

We live in a very competitive world. By that I mean, people are always trying, to either compete with each other, over anything, and everything. Or they are trying to brainstorm ideas to always become the best. In something, in which, they can beat the competition. They are trying to find ways to get ahead, but also to do it in a better way than everyone else. Sometimes, at no cost or consequences either. Now, the thing being! Doing themselves a favor, or having a conscious, is a whole other story. I am just talking, the basics here, and perhaps not even touching the tip of the iceberg. And can we do it all alone? Without a team under us? Nowadays, with the internet being so massive, and the opportunity so easily grasped, not without putting in, a lot of work. Some kind of work is always involved here. However, you here passive this, and passive that. Do not get me wrong, there are truly a lot of things that you certainly can put on auto pilot. However, as I see thing personally, not in the very beginning of a business. Yes, you do need to put in work! Even, when something is passive, you do still need to put in the work, and of course, willing to do it! Perhaps it is hard to put in all of the work, and not everyone can be a one man team. Now however, when your not on top of your business. It can easily over time, go down rumbling, over that hill, in no time, flat.

So, you want to start a business?

So you want to start a business? Now, what? Will it be brick or mortar? Will you need staff? Overhead? Rent, or own the building? Stock? Ecetra! Or, will it be an online business? Promoting your things? Promoting other peoples things? Using your own platform, and having your own website? Or, perhaps using someone else’s platform? The decisions are really, almost endless. Once you have made your decision and put some kind of a plan into play, don’t expect support. And, if you do consider yourself lucky. Be cautious of it, always have a backup plan into play. Always have enough on the side to cover something, just in case something backfires. Always, look at deals, where the profit will be over the spending, or what you need to dish out, either for expenses, overhead, anything, and everything.

Small biz tip…….

Always, have your receipts ready. To grab, before you need to, take them. To take to the book keeper. I keep mine, in an old coffee can. Plastic if possible. Store them in a damp free, moisture free room. I do not, keep those,in a fire box. Or a security box, meaning the store receipts, and the utility receipts from the building. However, I do keep everything, else that is more important, though. Take your receipts out, ahead of book keeping time. Now, add up your expenses, and also add up, your losses. Examples are: on rentals: your mortgage, your utilities, receipts, yearly taxes, ecetra. Ask your book keeper what is an expense if your not sure. Your laptop is an expense, when used to run your business, believe it of not. Many a years ago, I did not know this. Not until ,the girl, in the book keepers office told me. She even said, your husbands tools, even your husbands painting pants. So, when unsure, ask! She told me this totally on her own. At that particular time in our lives, we did not have to pay in, so I did not have to worry too much about it. Nowadays, we are having two businesses, from my husband. In which I am helping to run, and one or two of my very own! My main small biz tip, is this: If your list out, all of your expenses, and all of the money coming in. Or simply put, profit. Then, in most chances, and luckily enough your book keeper won’t charge you as much, as in his services. Rather as in if he had to do this himself, or herself. It is fairly easy to do. If you have a calculator, someone who is really good in math, to double check for you. As well as a printer! A printer does wonders, believe me, and is a must for your business. In which does wonders for your business. And, also if you use yours mainly for business, perhaps you can take it off your taxes. I never thought about it, until now. Ask your own book keeper, of course.


You might be asking yourself, yeah…..but what kind?

First welcome to the  Bizblog Page. So, you want to start a business? You might be asking yourself, yeah…..but what kind? We live in a very competitive world, first of all. Now, if you see this as competition only, then yes, you will be destined to fail. However, if you see this as opportunity. Then the a door that can open for you, then yes, you will be successful. Now, you need to find that key You also need to have an understanding, and that you need to make yourself knowledgeable, of your choice, of choosing. Then, execute it, scale it, and keep working at it. Yes, you do need to put work into it.

In The Heart Of The Night………….

Are you asking yourself?

Are you asking yourself? In the heart of the night? You would be surprised, what ventures, or ideas that we can come up with! Even, in our dream state.

Now, where is this heart of the night come into play?

Now, where is this heart of the night come into play? No place really special! I just like listening to music while I try to brainstorm, gather my thoughts, vent out, or just find a little peace in my mind to just try to clear out as much as I can. or as a coping mechanism.

Are you asking yourself? Many and many questions! So then……………..Keep reading!

Now,  this is where is this heart of the night comes into play. First of all, this is one of my favorite songs, from the artist, Poco. Yeah,……I sure am a 70’s song, girl. I also grew up in a very strict Greek Orthodox home. My mom was a major contributor to the family income, and a business woman with a trade in her hands. Yes, life and fate has different ideas for her. Still, I admire my mom, because she was a small business woman, yes, but also a very successful one at that. Even, with all the obstacles that came her way. Her health was the last one, among many other things. But, this is about you…and I am just trying to put out an example for you….that around you are so many successful people to look up to. Many close by, and even being your very own relatives. From this, you must ignite that bit of inspiration, and to bring it out in your own creativity.

In the heart of the night, or rather in your dream state you can connect with your higher self…..and from that, you will be guided…in many ways, that you will truly surprise yourself. For, true wisdom, lies there, in it’s simplest, and purest form. You have all the knowledge already inside of you, waiting for you to pull it out, and to be able to make the best decisions for yourself. Including in business.

Welcome To The BizBlog Page

So, next question is, what kind of a business are you wanting to start?

Even though, we covered it, pretty mush earlier. You still need to be putting much thought into it. Choosing wisely. Seeing everything up front. The potential. The chances. The risk factors. The promising factors. The originality, of the idea, or the business. Yes, sometimes, if not many times, this matters, like a lot. It can be a store, or it can be online. However, you do need customers, or you do need traffic. Please be cautious, of all of the factors involved. Think things out before you just jump in there. While there is a great need to jump in there while the getting is good, please also put much thought into all of the actions that you will have to execute. And, when you do keep all of your receipts. Yes, everything! Before you start, and during the whole process, inventory, store receipts of what you do buy. If your a painter, supplies, tools, clothes, everything. At home office supplies, laptop, gas if it used for your own business, everything! You will need all those receipts, and expenses at the end of the year, when you go see your book keeper.

Since, I do not have my magic crystal ball in front of me………

Since, I do not have my magic crystal ball in front of me. I cannot know in which kind of business, that you chose to venture out to. But, if your here now, and reading this. You either have one set up, are in the midst of putting one together, looking at options, or something else. In either case, I am glad that your here with me, and sharing in this post.

With determination, with putting work into it………

In whichever, that you may have chosen, know that you can do it. With determination, with putting work into it, with always educating yourself, and keeping up with it, everything is possible. Know that what I had just said, you need to keep up with it. Especially, in the beginning, it is your most crucial phase. You know? People keep talking about passive income. I have not yet, seen it for myself, speaking. Sure, I do hear about it, but I have yet to see it, and to witness it for myself. I believe, everything acquires for you, to do something, or another. That is a simple fact, as in the laws, of physics. How can it be otherwise?

Welcome To The BizBlog Page

Can you tell us about your business ventures?

I will discuss the few business that I have encountered, and my perspective with the ones that I have dealt with, or the people, in my circle that have dealt in some of these businesses. I highly encourage you to tell us, about some of your business ventures. In how they have come to be, and the pitfalls, and in the successes that you have had.

In The Heart Of The Night………………….

I will tell you something………..

I will tell you something, that will however; cut you in your tracks, and that is a simple emotion called fear. Sure, it has it’s purpose, and by all means, be very cautious, in your business decisions, and ventures. If your reckless, then you will have a reckless outcome. I believe, in giving full thought! In planning out, and of course, working with your numbers. Your numbers, are like, everything. Don’t over spend, don’t live about your head! Don’t ever, over expand yourself, in business meaning, of course. At least, NOT in the beginning. You need to know what your doing, that’s for sure.

“Try to bring in, inspiration, from everything around you!”…………..

Recently, I was looking into planners………..

Recently, I was looking into planners. One in particular. That I can physically write in it, with a pen, or pencil. I need something that would keep me on track. Something, I can focus on. So, as that, I don’t get distracted, by so many things around me. I have found, that I get so easily distracted by everything. Something to keep me on my goals. So, I went into a store, it just happened to be on Black Friday. You normally, won’t find me, not even dead inside of a store on Black Friday. Not normally, but this was one of those, special occasions. Like, to every rule, there is an exception, kind of a deal, thing. Anyways, I had been looking for a good planner of some kind for a little while now. And, I thought to myself, amm should I just splurge? It was like one in the afternoon, already. So, a guy who we happened to know, and was working there, took some time coming by, then recognizing my husband, then talking to us. Prior hand, a very nice young man, was helping me. To figure out, the discount, with a product, that I was debating to buy. I was made known that the better deals, had already happened once 12 noon had kicked it, then still there were deals, but the best ones were already over with. Nevertheless, the one in my hand, I really liked, a lot. So, I thought, yeah, it is a bit more expensive, and to spend the money on that, was it going to be well worth if? I like the quotes inside of it, that I just couldn’t, and didn’t want to part with it. I thought, I am getting the discounted deal, so that just might make up for it. And, the content that was inside of it. For me, and at that time, seemed to be, priceless!

“Inspiration, and information, sometimes is priceless, and you get what you pay for!”……..This particular planner

This particular planner was called: The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People 2019 16-month Calendar

Whatever is at the center of our lives, will be the source of our wisdom, guidance, and power.

By:_Stephen R. Covey

Welcome To The BizBlog Page

The thing, being is, yes……..

The thing, being is, yes, I did buy it. The only drawback, with mine was, that it officially started, from the beginning; of September, of 2018. And no, when I had gotten it we were already past the middle of, November, of 2018. Still, all in all, I had a pretty good planner. I had my philosophy of quotes. And, I am big on philosophy, remember? As long, as I try to make good use out of it, then it would of been well worth it. I was trying to get some inspiration, and something to keep me on focus. For lately, my mind is always of center, and off focus, of what I am trying to accomplish for myself. This is mainly, but not all due to the fact that I have anxiety disorder; but also I try to run my husbands rental real estate business. As well as, his own house painting business. Being, the way my mind is, and the way it functions, it is trying to slow down, an express train! Yeah…not good! Especially, this type of anxiety disorder, in which happens to be OCD. I am however, determined to go where I want to go, so I do need to be in a good way, on this express train. Believe me, it has it’s drawbacks, as well as, it’s benefits! I know that a lot of people are in the same boat as me. Some have more harder challenges, as I do. So, with that I am taking everything with a grain of salt, with gratitude to the universe. And, trying real hard here, without judgement. For with judgement, you close the door on so many other opportunities, mainly on love coming into your life! Remember that!

Welcome To The BizBlog Page

What is your definition of success, and how do you measure it?

“When there is a will there is a way”…………………….The Seven Habits

Enable maximum, long-term, beneficial results………because……….

Enable maximum, long-term, beneficial results because they are based on universal, self evident principles of human effectiveness. In my own words, are these seven habits underneath. You can compare them with the original words for yourself. Also, the full definition of each meaning, if the lined habits don’t make sense to you. But, they are very basically outlined, and pretty mush self explanatory in meaning.

What is your business perspective?

Everyone’s Perspective, Can Be Different, But Below Is: “The Basics Of Acquiring Good Habits For Successful People.” You Can Elaborate On Them………

What Are Those 7 Habits?

The 7 Habits:

Habit 1: Being Proactive

Habit 2: When You Begin something have an end outcome in mind, and execute it.

Habit 3: Putting first things first, or putting priority things first.

Habit 4: Thinking of the win/win outcome in the long term of things.

Habit 5: You must first try to understand others, if you can then expect to be understood back.

Habit 6: Synergize, Creative Cooperation,  Synergy Meaning: “The Whole, Is Greater Than, The Sum Of Its Parts”

Habit 7: Balance Of Self-Renewal, or the expression of this. Expression Of: Sharpen The Saw, as in the meaning of: the common analogy of: a woodcutter, who is sawing for several days straight, and is becoming less, and less productive.

In The Heart Of The Night………………….Trying To Help.

You can appreciate anything, and everything that is coming your way, and therefore, Is Only Trying To Help You!

Are you asking yourself? Now, where is this heart of the night come into play?

These days, when habits are harder to come by……………You can begin to appreciate……….


These days, when habits are harder to come by. And, executing them, even more intense. You can begin to appreciate, any little help, that comes your way. Weather your aware of it, or not. Weather the Universe Is Trying, To Send Something Your Way. And Therefore, Is Only Trying To Help You! What you need to ask yourself, is, how bad you really want it. How much your willing to go out of your way, to keep learning, and to keep going, in your business venture.

When push comes to shove……….

When push comes to shove you must really try to focus, and to keep in mind the bigger picture, of the outcome that your trying to accomplish. Of course you cannot do it all in one day. It takes baby steps along the way, like little fragments of a masterpiece, that is still in process. So, you must give yourself the appropriate time necessary, and to be patient with yourself! And, all of those around you, in this most likely long tedious process!

Welcome To The Biz Blog Page-In The Heart Of The Night

Loses, Stumbles, And Falls

How have these business/businesses, made you grow, as an individual, and in spirit?

During our learning curve………..

During our learning curve be ready for loses, stumbles, and falls. The main point of it being, learn in the process. And, try not to keep repeating the pattern, or cycle of it. In the beginning, it is hard to know what works, and what doesn’t. Learn about your investments, and what does it take. Always-always know your numbers, and where your at with them! I personally believe, this is one of the most important parts, if no the most important part of the game!

How have your successes impacted the lives of others?

Also, knowing that profit sometimes takes time…………

Also, knowing that profit sometimes takes time, and you might be breaking even in the beginning. Knowing investing means putting up, and out some kind of money, especially in the beginning. When they say: It Takes Money To Make Money. Know That Who Had First Said That Knew From First Hand Experience. It all takes some kind of money, big, or small. It is all part of the process, and part of the game, if you will! Much excitement, anticipation of success, and all of the emotions will be running high for you. Know that everything will not be flowers, as in roses, or a red carpet. But, the rewards can be fascinating, and all those whom you can help along the way, even more so of a great blessing, and of a joy! So, jump in there take the plunge, and enjoy every second of it. We hope, you can come back from time, to time! And, check out our pages! Be sure to share them with your friends & family.

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Welcome To The Bizblog Page-In The Heart Of The Night
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Welcome To The Bizblog Page-In The Heart Of The Night
We live in a very competitive world, first of all. Now, if you see this as competition only, then yes, you will be destined to fail. However, if you see this. as opportunity?

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I am the founder of Rosebabe And Gorgeous Georges Co and also, the series: Once Upon A Midnight Summers Dream, And The Power Within. You can find me, either here, on shopthebestdeal, or on my three blogs. Also, either on, createspace or on Amazon. I write Autobiography and Spirituality.

I am the founder of Rosebabe And Gorgeous Georges Co and also, the series: Once Upon A Midnight Summers Dream, And The Power Within. You can find me, either here, on shopthebestdeal, or on my three blogs. Also, either on, createspace or on Amazon. I write Autobiography and Spirituality.

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