Business Life Is Adventure But So Is Personal Life!

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(Last Updated On: December 4, 2018)

Business Life, Is Adventure!

How is the coming of the year,…………………

make for new beginnings, in our lives?………….

Have you been angry with how your past year has went?

It gives you the chance to start all over again, almost on a clean slate……………………..

It gives you the chance to start all over again, almost on a clean slate. It has a way, in some sort of way, for some, in mending in with the new possibilities of better things coming. Of better days to look forward coming up ahead. Providing that your open to them, with an open, and positive and peaceful heart. In which many times is a challenge, all by itself. Business Life Is Adventure, But So Is Personal Life! With having so many things coming your way, but that in which is the most important is in the people that it is bringing to you. In the glory of all it’s hopes and wishes for you, and for those that you truly love. In anticipation, that somehow even, those hearts will mend. That really need it, this time of the year.



In the coming of a New Year?

In the coming, in of a new year, come fresh starts in our lives. Sure, life is adventure! Or is it, just ventures, in this life? Like one after another? And so it was for me, as I am sure it has been for you, as well. So, are we ready for it? Who says we are ready for it? I think we anticipate. We anticipate for the best outcomes that life can bring us. For nothing is ever set in stone. Nor, and either, is there?

Usually, any guarantees?

Usually, any guarantees? Not from life, anyway, right? Well, me being part a romantic, part a dreamer, part a thinker! And, unfortunately also very-very, what the word that I want here?

Mind freeze?

Mind freeze?……Oh yeah,……the word that I want here?……..well, spit it out!……….dog gone it…….I am trying to remember here!………..people who are sentimentally attached to something, that they cannot give up…..the search engine is not helping here………I guess the word might be “sentimental value” here. I had a teacher ask me once, do you think in Greek, or do you think in English. My answer was: both. However, when I try to cross think in one language then in the other, the words or vocabulary get scrambled…..well…sometimes……..

How is the start of a new real estate rental business a change in our lives?

How much are you willing to do for yourself?

The more you can do the better.

How much are you willing to do yourself? As far as fixing, and remodeling goes? The more that you can do yourself, the more money that you can save. Then there is the potential, of the more profit, especially in the long run, that you can make.  Changing out leaky faucets with new fixtures, small light fixtures, plugs, and small switches.

When January, of 2017 rolled in……..wanting to start a business….of my very own……..

When January, of 2017 rolled in my husband; took it upon himself, to start a rental real estate business. Thing being here was, I wanted to start a business, of my very own, as well. Now how hard could that be? So, I thought so! In the beginning, of it, anyways! There is also, another obstacle. That makes things just a little bit more challenging for me. Notice, I did say, challenging? Why? For it is a more positive word!

The challenge is, that I have OCD!

The challenge, would be, that I have OCD? Why? Well, instead of telling you who knows why? Let me tell you this…….how many people have been so much challenged from this life that it has put themselves out there, to the brink. That would be not in a very positive way, either. I tend to think of it this way, it does not define who we are! For, it takes a lot more than that, to define a person.

Anyways, for a person who is more sedative, and like to live more privately……

Anyways, for a person who is more sedative, and likes to live more privately. I sure do love, putting myself out there. You know what? I think being honest with yourself, also means being honest with people. Sometimes, helping yourself is helping other people. For we grow in spirit, you know? Just a sec here……need to go to open up the pellet stove…they sure are great to have in winter time………..we went from wood stove, to pellet stove, now that’s progression…… has been one challenging, and adventurous life….hasn’t it? You know what? If we can do it, you can do it, also!

Though,…………. I know for a fact……..

When there is a will, there is a way…………….

For a mother knows the true meaning of this saying……………..

Though, I know for a fact,……….. for the younger, people; when they start, with nothing, these days. It is even more of a challenge. I am a strong, believer, of  what they say…..when there is a will, there is a way. You just, can’t let life, put you down, and keep you down! Life is adventure, and so is business……and  so,you just can’t let life, put a good business woman down! Can You?

Along the way,… but that can be learning curves, in life…………..

No one wants to tell you about their falls……

No one wants to tell you about their falls, everyone just concentrates on their success. With the success, so do come the falls, mine just seemed to come a bit harder. was all. No so much business wise, but personal wise. However, I did hit a big learning curve, in the rental business, real quick, right off at the start! With those mistakes come cries. Comes anguish, and some disappointment. Comes vulnerability, and the possibilities of constantly being stepped over on. If you carry your heart on your sleeves, especially. It means being human and understanding on your part, and on someone else’s part this means it is their chance of taking advantage of you. No different is the real estate rental business. Know this, because it is sometime bound to happen. Hopefully, if your careful, not many times to you. Super lucky is, you can, ever say? This never happened, to me. This is also, some of the smaller nitty-gritty, of the matter.

Next thing is, how much are you willing to do all by yourself?

As we mentioned above a few things, but these will be the tip of the ice burg. Can you do remodeling, such as dry wall, or sheet rock, commonly known? Plaster, and painting, among other things? The more that you can do the better it will be for you that you won’t have to dish out money for. However, and still there will be instances, where you will have to hire out a person, or people to do the task/tasks for you.

No one wants to deal with people?

No one wants to deal with people, or almost no one, anyways. In this game, if you want to call it that, you will need to deal with people. Hopefully, you will be compassionate, without people walking all over you. Unfortunately, sometimes, if ever, we cannot know otherwise. Who exactly those people are. People are struggling, more and more these days. Young mothers trying to raise kids all on their own. How do I know this? I was once one of those mothers, without my husband, and with two twin boys, from my kids, at the time. I first separated, then I was legally separated. I was struggling. My eldest son, was in Greece, with my husband parents. And, I was in this same category. Then, I had my last child, a girl, this time, after a long time after we had gotten back together. So, I do know about challenges. I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. Though, nothing wrong with that. I believe people, make money, and money does not make the person.

Believe it, or not?

Believe it, or not, the poorest class of people; in the United States, is exactly in that category. Women, and children, who are by themselves. You need to put yourself out there! And sometimes, that’s exactly what you will have to do. There is no easy! Success, comes with a price! Work is involved, and sometimes, just being a good human being, and putting yourself out there. Of course, I am not telling you to fall into a deep hole that you can’t get out of. Know that most people will appreciate, the break, or breaks, you give them. And, some will simply not! No matter what, you do for them. No matter, how far back you bend your back, or stretch your neck out for them. American terms here, but that is simply how it is. Feel blessed for being human, and having a heart, sometimes that just might be your only draw back in this business. Well, lets hope so.

Disappointments? Discouragements? What are those?

Disappointments? Discouragements? What are those? You got to push through it all.  You need to make the best of it all, and to do the best that you can. Sometimes this requires you to think of why. What was the bigger picture, in your mind? Of all the reasons, that your doing this for. And, while your doing, all of this, not to forget your human side. Sometimes, that will be your sensitive, and vulnerable side. You need to know, in your mind, you can do this, and in fact that your already there. This is what makes you human, to experience, to struggle, to try, to achieve, and to become a better person for it, when you get to the other side. Who says you can do it all? You, do! For no one can be an expert till they get into the game, first. And, even then, there is so much to master, and learn, along the way in getting there!

Adventure Is, A Personal Life?

Adventure is also personal life. Try to remember this when all seems to be falling in shambles. There will always be challenges, and when we come out, on the other end. For someone, who took their hard knocks, but still decided, to learn, and grow in spirit. Well, then? You have accomplished, a whole lot, even when you had thought that you didn’t! For, the school of real hard knocks, is truly here on earth. I can tell you much about business, even though I am not an expert at any of it really. This is only from my own small experience, and perspective. The real challenge, will be, what you do with every bit of information, that you get. And, how you will put it into play!

Till then, my friends……………

Till then, my friends, may all of your dreams, come true. May you always smile, and life smile down upon you.! Don’t let anyone, nor anything, ever take that away from you! No matter what! You deserve the best that life has to give you. There is an absolute reason for you being here. Especially at this particular time, upon, planet Earth. May you grow, in spirit. May your wallets be, always full. And, more importantly, always know, that you can  make a difference upon this earth/world. Weather that is with your money, or with your words, or both! For there is, only one of you, that will ever come into this world. Make that the best that it can be!

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To Your Success, Always!

Business Life Is Adventure But So Is Personal Life
Article Name
Business Life Is Adventure But So Is Personal Life
No one wants to tell you about their falls, everyone just concentrates on their success. With the success, so do come the falls.

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I am the founder of Rosebabe And Gorgeous Georges Co and also, the series: Once Upon A Midnight Summers Dream, And The Power Within. You can find me, either here, on shopthebestdeal, or on my three blogs. Also, either on, createspace or on Amazon. I write Autobiography and Spirituality.

I am the founder of Rosebabe And Gorgeous Georges Co and also, the series: Once Upon A Midnight Summers Dream, And The Power Within. You can find me, either here, on shopthebestdeal, or on my three blogs. Also, either on, createspace or on Amazon. I write Autobiography and Spirituality.

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