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The Seven Steps To Forgiveness In Spiritual Awakening

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(Last Updated On: January 1, 2019)

The Seven Steps To Forgiveness In Spiritual Awakening

Why are you feeling angry?


1. Allow yourself to feel the anger. This might be, the place where you need, to address, the dark night of the soul. Pay attention, to the why, are you feeling, this way. Many times, it is a past trauma, that is coming up, in your mind.

2. If your able, to talk about it to a trusted friend, do so. Above all, it is important to now address, the issue, with yourself.

If you are in part, with this equation, then listen carefully. If you have not heard it before hand. When your heart, is hurting, and you can’t take the pain, anymore. You need to search for that little bit, of sparkling clear light, that you have in yourself. First, it is to acknowledge the pain, or problem.

Baby steps to get there….

Second step is, how can you take, the small baby steps, to get there? Try to first, move into that space of peace, within yourself. That is a first must, after your acknowledgement, to the pain, or problem. Then with your mind, think of the shared love, that you had with that person. Even through, the hardships, think of the shared moments. Many times, those hardships with that person; if not always, will connect you more to them. Therefore do not forget them. Give gratitude, and peace to them! Give them love, and give yourself, that connecting back, power. Sometimes, it is the first baby step to take, in moving away from the pain! Or the negativity, that got you to disconnect. Even, the negative thoughts. Even the judgmental thoughts. Know, and they should; still know, and acknowledge to you. That your space, in which is you, still needs that respect. The respect, that you, as a person has gone through, so much in this life. But, also that you, as a soul, and now having a human experience, has also went through, so much. When all of this acknowledgement happen, then a mutual respect, can be formed. You will then, be on that road of recovery. For this is what it truly takes.

The Seven Steps To Forgiveness In Spiritual Awakening

3. Now start calming yourself when you feel upset. When your thinking about something upsetting, and your starting to get worked up. Try to clear your mind of all negative thought, pain, childhood trauma, and every wrong, that everyone has done you. Be focusing at what is triggering it. Be outside of yourself, and examine yourself. As your witnessing it. As you witness it, be aware; that sometimes, it is a darker force, that is pushing you into this place.

Why Is Empathy Important?

4.Empathize with the person who hurt you, or try, to understand it. Try to put yourself in their shoes. How are they seeing it? Are they trying to play with you a victimization thing? Is it the negative ego stepping in? Or is it perhaps your negative ego that is stepping in? Then you can be in a more forgiving mind. When you touch down with your heart. You know that it is something much higher up that is playing out. Be always aware of your thoughts.

Is Forgiveness A Gift To Yourself And Others?

5. Remind yourself that forgiveness is a gift to your self. But also, everything is a gift that we are truly giving to each other. Weather we do realize it, or not! Also realize, that we are all here to learn, and to teach, if you are a lightworker, and so forth.

To give service to others, as lightworkers. Remember that, when we judge, we push away, love. We do not like what they do to us, or what is being done, in this process. It is not embracing it, as saying it is okay. It is finding the peace. It is finding our way back to this light. And, sometimes it takes so much to get there. We are learning this at this time. We are here to learn love & peace. As the same that we are also here to learn unconditional love, and unconditional forgiveness.

The seven steps to forgiveness in spiritual awakening…..

Commit to forgiveness……

6. Commit to forgiveness. Know, that we are tested, each and every moment. We also, chose the path that we are driven to go down in. This is through, our energy, and what we are vibrating at. Besides this, we had agreed to everything before we got here. This is, or was called (Karma) For learning, and experiencing.

What on earth is a connecting line?

There is an invisible line, of connection, through our souls, for connecting. And, we must be on that line, precisely. This is what I was shown in my dream. Not the line right above it. And, not the line just below it. We must be in connection, at the exact line, with that other person, spiritually. This is the line of connection. This is also the line for strength in that same relationship. Thus, the least that will be for the fallout to happen. We as a soul, (Conscious Collective) are trying to move out of Karma, or The Karmic Cycle. Before you start square dancing, or any other native dancing, ( I am just kidding, here). It is a slow process, very slow process. We must first clear our path. We must all catch up with each other. Because, we are most likely, (“NOT”) all, at the/that same level. Everyone is experiencing reality at their own lever. Everyone is experiencing their own realities, in which it is also connecting them with their own realities.

Where there contracts before our birth?

There were contracts before our birth. We had agreed, to experience certain things, with other people. We had all agreed to fulfill those contracts before our birth, as a collective consciousness. We are also multidimensional beings. Therefore, we are not only experiencing, learning, and soul-evolving, on this plane alone. Earth, is not the only, “SOUL SCHOOL.” For, there are many, this is just, one of them.

Those, are probably, the ones, to be most careful of………….

“There are also some, other ones, ( As in Karmic Agreements), that are trying to be made, after our birth. Those, are probably, the ones, to be most careful of.” If you can also imagine above your head, yourself tearing up those contracts, this is a good start. However, and unfortunately, past agreements, are past agreements. And, those are mostly likely, needing to be played out. Be conscious of that, so you can make the best choices possible. To amend, or fix things, that took place back then. Without prior knowledge, of your conscious choices, that you had made.

When we choose to experience something different, in our reality, that is when we can go a separate way. This is one way that we can experience family fall out.

Now, go into your mind and release all the bad/negative thoughts. You should be now at a neutral place. From this place, try to now, shine love, and light. Say, with your thought & intentions from your mind, or with words out loud; I am sorry for your pain, even if it is yourself that you are saying this to.

So why is this crap happening to me?

The Seven Steps

Are there those here, that are simply put, as the phrase, the dark powers that be?

There will be those, that are the darkness that be. Or simply put, the dark powers that be. And, this will hit, our wounds. They will hit our childhood, traumas. Or all of the misunderstandings, the negativity, and the arguments. The bloodshed, including the wars, that people make upon this earth. Know that, sometimes; there will be steps for us, to take. And, steps, for all. And there will be those others, that came and are here to teach us all, for humanities sake. Thus, that these will be the gifts, that we leave, behind. For the younger generations that perceive us. So, they can live in, love and harmony. We are the messengers, of this light. However, forgiveness, does not mean to let everyone walk all over you. Forgiveness, many times, takes both time, and steps. It is acknowledging, your spirits growth, and putting the negative ego, to the side.

Step into the kindness of that love. That you once had shared all of those, loving memories, with that person. And, let that, over ride it all. Move into accepting that peaceful love, without judgement. Even if you did not like something that drove you apart. Try to leave it out of the equation.


So………what does it take?

Lightworker…………. know that we had made a promise…….

Know we had made that promise, a very long, time ago, and we need to stick to it. Weather, when we came through at birth time; we were also deceived, by the false light, believe it, or not. Watch, what is pushing your buttons, and try to always be, at peace. This will avoid conflict, through your energy vortex. Also, and especially, as a lightworker, besides watching your emotions. Watch. what you eat, especially, before bedtime. The animal products, by products, and the alcohol consumed.

7.Relish the peace, because this feels, truly good. The release! Then of relishing, all of this, feels so good on a soul.

The Seven Steps

Do you need to go beyond the negative ego?

For your going beyond the negative ego where all of our programing starts. Empower yourself, for you truly know what spiritual awakening really means. And, now, you must step up to that plate. To help awaken others. To take the responsibility of knowing what it is like to be awake. Knowing the true meaning, of being the first to know unconditional love, and unconditional forgiveness.

Being a LightWorker: Does Not Mean Doing Everyone’s Homework For Them! You Simply Just Cannot Do It All!

So, stop being so hard on yourself. You simply, cannot carry the whole world on your shoulders. You do your best! You try to lead the way. You try to be a good messenger to the clear pure white light! This light wants you to be happy, as well!


Another main thing to this equation, is to stand In Unity. In The Collective Consciousness. So far, we have been tricked by the false light, and we have to re-enter the birthing process. We think, we are facing the right light, but we are not. We need to face away and look the other direction in the time of our passing, and to think or say, we want to go home. We will only then find our way back.

Does this darkness try to divide and conquer?

The darkness, tries to divide, and conquer, for this is it’s plan. This is also, the plan behind the wars. “For No War, Is Fought For Our Freedoms. On The Contrary, Wars Enslave Our Souls!” As Lightworkers, especially; we have all the knowledge, inside of us. But, we all have, the same knowledge inside of us, we only need to look for it!

In Spiritual Awakening

Always know……That you are never-ever alone…….

Always know how much that your loved, from this clear white light. That you are never-ever alone. You are given all these gifts. To be able to feel, to experience, to touch, to have emotions. Those emotions are very important to you.  (We give each other gifts! This is what my family member told me in my dream!) Never let anyone take them away from you. Humanity, never-ever let anyone, or anything take your emotions away from you!  Your are truly blessed for having them. For having the freedom to chose, to have this free will. That is given to you by the creator. You are expressing, and experiencing, through it! For, it is truly a gift, that we give each other! Of all of the things, that we are expressing.

The Seven Steps

Be that beacon of light…….

7. If I can only give you one tip, form all of the steps that is the most important step, then I would tell you to just let go of that anger, the fastest that you can! Connect on your spiritual line. Sure! We are all here to learn lessons. Well, some are here also to teach! Pinpoint your connecting line, right in the center, and make a bulls eye, with it! Because, life goes so fast by, and you have an empty page to fall back on. So, pick up that phone. Go, and ring that door bell, from the one that has missed you so-so much!

Be that light for the world…..

Be that light for the world, to follow dear lightworker! Remember LOVE & PEACE! Love, and peace, dear lightworker! Dear beautiful spirit, that you have been tattered. Dear spirit, that you have been fooled into fighting wars! For, no wars is EVER fought for our freedom. That is just a controlling, and brainwashing concept! Awaken! Now is the time for it! Push darkness, and hate out of your heart. Sometimes, that is the hardest thing to do! For we have been conditioned to think otherwise from the control system! Be peaceful inside, and see a different mirrored wall, on the outside! Blessings, to the hirt, to the persecuted, to the hungry, to the emotional, mental, and physical pain! For no soul, especially right now is unimportant on this planet! Be that beacon of light for the world to follow!

A gift can be many things….

A gift, can be many things! And, not just a material thing, that is wrapped up in a bow, and in shinning wrapper. We must first let go of the negative ego to get there. We need to bless it, for it had it’s purpose for getting us here. To the point of where we are at, humanity. We need to let it go for our own good, as well as humanities good! We must find the peace within up, and then we will see it within this world. We must absolutely stop, the conflict, and the wars. And, first we must absolutely address the war/wars that are going on inside of us. May your life treat you kind, may you find it in your heart to forgive. We all need to forgive, and be forgiven, just as we all need to love, and to be loved! Blessings, to all reading this.


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The Seven Steps To Forgiveness In Spiritual Awakening
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The Seven Steps To Forgiveness In Spiritual Awakening
A gift, can be many things! And, not just a material thing, that is wrapped up in a bow, and in shinning wrapper.

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I am the founder of Rosebabe And Gorgeous Georges Co and also, the series: Once Upon A Midnight Summers Dream, And The Power Within. You can find me, either here, on shopthebestdeal, or on my three blogs. Also, either on, createspace or on Amazon. I write Autobiography and Spirituality.

I am the founder of Rosebabe And Gorgeous Georges Co and also, the series: Once Upon A Midnight Summers Dream, And The Power Within. You can find me, either here, on shopthebestdeal, or on my three blogs. Also, either on, createspace or on Amazon. I write Autobiography and Spirituality.

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