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Home-Welcome To The Home Page!

Welcome To Our Biz Bog Home Page!

We have started slowly…

We have started slowly, branching out, around January, of 2017. Our main purpose on the biz blog, is to give you motivation, and resources. So you can also start, that business, that you have been dreaming about. Of course, a business is built on more than just dreaming about it. It takes a lot of hard work, no matter what anyone tells you, otherwise. However, it is most likely achievable, and doable. Just as long as, your willing to work hard at it. Stay motivated, and focused, and keep hacking at it, each and every day, little by little.

Along the way….

Along the way, you will have your ups and downs, and many times just wish that you can quit. It is in those times, that you must stay centered on your goal, or goals. Distractions, are going to be constantly, your obstacle, along with many other things. You will feel overwhelmed, scared, lost, and sometimes,  just don’t know, where to start, or on what to do next. Know that, Rome, was not built in one day. American term here, for those not knowing this term, or understanding, the concept behind this; it simply means you cannot do it all in one day, nor build it all in one day. In perspective of speaking here, in which we mean your business.

Everything takes time….

Everything takes time, many people try to build their own business while working for others as a means to make a living and to keep the bills paid, a roof for their family, and food on the table. If that is you, and this happens to be so, don’t worry, many people are in those very shoes as you are. Your dreams are worth fighting for, and no struggle is ever fought in vain. At least I hope not! We will give you courage and hope. We will try to give you as much motivation as we can, but ultimately it will all be up to you!

On this blog………

On this blog I will outline in ways to get started, if you wish to start an online business. I will also mention some other businesses, in which I have a little bit of experience with, such as family businesses. Be always willing to go that extra mile! This simply means you need to put yourself out there, and just be genuine, no matter what you do! I did not say perfect, just be genuine, always be open on improvements in your business, by people who know what they are talking about. Then just be willing to apply it, and work hard at it. I would day, work smarted, then work the hardest that you have ever done so. Put all of your efforts in, and sometimes, you might not want to put all of your eggs into one basket. In other works be willing to do other things, but only in what you think that you can handle! When I started his website. I never intended on having it so vast. Since I don’t ever do things small, perhaps because I always dream big, I have made this site a bit bigger than I originally had anticipated in doing so. This means more time, and more work. Since, mostly I am depending on my self, it will take some time, as in steps!

So, what are we here about?

So, what are we here about? We are here about many things, as you might have figured out by now! I am not trying to neglect any aspect of it, just being honest here! I am a writer by trade. Well, I wear many hats, and that is just one of them, believe me!

We have three blogs…..

We have three blogs. I believe this biz blog is my most looked at! This means to me, here, that many people are wanting to come out of the rat race, and I am trying to say that as kindly as I possibly can. I am known to call a spade, a spade, so you have to excuse me on that! Please, take a look around, kick your shoes off, because believe me; for some of you, your taking the ride of your life! As I spiritually awakened person, my writing will most likely reflect on it! Make yourself the most popular person in the world! Share your know how/hows, and just go for it! This is the most incredible time to be around! Take a test drive, put yourself in the drivers seat, enjoy every aspect of your life, including your business. For you will, truly shine!

The biz blog will be about business….

The biz blog, will be about business. The store, is not quite set up, as of yet! The subdomains are usually listed on the top, most of them interconnect with each other. Give them a bit of time to link into each other, and please be patient with up as we are building up our site without using any construction plugin. I really don’t believe in those, so I am going live with the content/articles as I am publishing them. Do check back with us from time to time. And, always share, with everyone that you know!

As everyone knows my site is built on wordpress, I am not keeping that part of it a secret! I absolutely love building with it, and I hope it just keeps getting better, and better with time; as a wonderful sweet red wine! Enjoy, the show, for you are all part of it!

We will interconnect our blogs, when we can, and the two stores, that go with them. Please visit all of our vendors websites, and the products that we recommend. We have hand picked all of our vendors, and chosen the ones that we believe in. Our site is slowly put on here together, without having the site go down in doing any construction to it. Thank You, for your patience, and in your patronage! To your success!


Disclaimer: We may get reimbursed for this content, from the sites that with connect with. There is no extra charge on your part when you simply browse through them. We will try to also include free others that you can take advantage of when we can.



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